October 19, 2021

Are The Best Players Getting Football Scholarships?

Have you ever wondered if the best high school football players in the country are the ones that are actually getting the lucrative college football scholarships, are they actually the ones that are getting recruited for college football?

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Football Scholarships In America

There is no doubt that the yearly college bowl games showcase outstanding teams made up of exceptional players and while we all enjoy watching the incredible athleticism and phenomenal talent displayed on football fields during these bowl games, I can’t help but wonder if we really are seeing the best players take the field for these entertaining and highly televised events.

Are The Best Athletes Getting Recruited For College Football?

I ask this because, in most cases, in order to obtain a college football scholarship, a college football recruit has to first be recruited.  The days of becoming a college star football player even at one of the JUCO football schools without having been actively recruited are few and far between.

There is a certain college football recruiting process that most college coaches recognize and follow.  Getting recruited for college football definitely takes knowing how the recruiting game works.

Most of the teams that perform for television audiences are NCAA Division I powerhouse college football teams.   These teams are rated the best and they are the ones you will be seeing on TV during the wildly popular holiday bowl games.

College football today is big money.  For example, last year, the University of Texas  (a d1 school) made a profit of  $71.2 million dollars.  Yes, I said profit.  Make no mistake, college football is big business.  Therefore, recruiting is big business too.

It is common for these top level football programs to have million dollar budgets with hefty sums allocated just for recruiting the top players across the US for college athletic scholarships.

With this kind of profit at stake, is it really logical to think that universities would spare any expense or resource in recruiting the future stars of their teams?  Could college football recruiters afford to overlook any outstanding athlete available?

Recruiting is competitive for both prospective athletes and for the football programs vying for their exceptional talent.  The prospective recruits face stiff competition for their college football scholarships, while at the same time the college football recruiters and coaches are doing everything they can to woo the very best athletes available to play for their programs.

The Question Is, Do The Best Players Even Appear On The Recruiting Radar?

While it is true that the 100 or so elite or blue chip athletes in the country, the players that are followed by the sports media, will be recruited and almost automatically land lucrative NCAA football scholarships and NAIA football scholarships, how do all the other thousands of athletes that eventually fill the many team rosters get recruited and land football scholarships?

How do these athletes get a football scholarship?  They must somehow learn how to get a college football scholarship; they must find out how the recruiting process actually works.

Recruiting Mystery Solved

Unfortunately, with all of the obvious competition for a college football scholarship, the athlete has to turn the recruiting tables; he has to recruit the school where he wants to play.  The players themselves have to learn how to get a college football scholarship, they have to be instrumental in putting themselves on the recruiting radar, but just how is that accomplished?

Learning how to get football scholarships is the easy part, but taking the necessary steps takes help, and if you believe all the advertising of the athletic recruiting websites especially the recruiting sites for football, it takes quite a bit of money too.

There are many sports recruiting websites and several football recruiting sites that will assist a high school athlete to be recruited.  The services offer everything from a simple e-book to a full service recruitment service, but these college football recruiting services cost money that many families can’t afford.

The cost runs anywhere from $30 for an e-book to several thousands dollars for a full service.  There is no guarantee that you will get recruited (the NCAA forbids guarantees) even if you do hire one of the most expensive services .

If an athlete’s family doesn’t have thousands of dollars for the full service recruiting services, they could opt for a  less expensive route, but there will still be a minimum expense of a profile and a highlight video.

At the bottom rung of recruiting sites, there are some sites that offer a place for you to upload your profile, but there is no guarantee that even one  coach will ever see it.

Some of the full service football recruiting sites will put up a profile (which you can do for free), make a highlight video with a specified number of copies and help you get recruited. These services cost anywhere from $1,900 to $2,900 and higher.

Additionally, in order to be recruited, the hopeful athlete needs to participate in as many summer football camps and combines as possible.  These college football summer camps and combines are not cheap, but they are necessary steps to get on the recruiting radar.

Sure it is cheaper than a college education. But truthfully, how many families can afford to pay for recruiting services, athletic videos, and summer camps?   So, I ask, are the players that are currently playing college football the best players available in the country?

Or, are the majority of  college players today the ones who come from families that can afford to pay the considerable price it takes to get their sons on the recruiting radar?   While these players may have excellent talent, isn’t the recruiting pool in all practicality restricted to the players whose families can afford to pay to get their son noticed by the college coaches?

What can a good solid football player do if his parents don’t have a few thousand dollars to give to a full service recruiting site that can legally offer no guarantee?

A System For Every Athlete

College Athletic Scholarship has decided to do something about this situation.  We believe that most athletes and their families cannot afford the “typical” recruiting services.  Therefore, we’ve created the Official Recruiting System.

It is a monthly program that shows you step-by-step exactly what a potential college football recruit needs to do every month to place himself high on the college football recruiting radar.  For example, Sophomores in December need to do very different things than Seniors do in December.

How much does it cost?  $9.97 a month.  This cutting-edge system shows you where to post your profile for free and where to get the best deal on highlight videos, but it also coaches the prospective recruit on all the other elements of being successful in the recruiting process.

It shows the athlete on a monthly basis how to improve in academics, how to obtain academic scholarships, how to improve on tests, how to fill out NCAA forms  and how to obtain all sorts of other financial aid.   There is also a complete resource section with samples of athletic profiles, and information on how to make a highlight video.  Additionally, the system also keeps the athlete current with NCAA changes that might impact his chances for landing a scholarship.

This groundbreaking system will give any student athlete whether he is looking for junior college football scholarships, NAIA scholarships or an athletic scholarship to one of the SEC schools the information and help they need.

To kick off our system, we want to offer 10 FREE memberships to our revolutionary monthly membership system.  What do you have to do?  Go to our facebook page and simply type in, “I want the official recruiting system”.  We will draw 10 lucky winners on Christmas Eve.


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