October 19, 2021

Basketball Dribbling Drills

basketball gymHere are some basketball dribbling drills and basketball handling drills that you can work on by yourself to improve your game tremendously.

In fact, the time you spend practicing on the court alone can be the difference between achieving a basketball scholarship and staying behind with the people that just didn’t make it.

As you know, everything from knowing how to dribble a basketball better to basketball crossover moves requires that you be comfortable handling the basketball.

Excellent basketball dribbling moves and competent basketball dribbling skills are directly linked to elite level court performance.  Also, it is a known fact that college coaches are attracted to recruits who are totally comfortable dribbling a basketball.

Below are some ball handling drills for basketball.  Look at these basketball dribbling tips much as you would fun football drills and, remember they won’t help you if you don’t do them.  Dribbling drills for basketball are all over the Web, but the basketball dribbling tips described below are proven to lift your play to the next level.  So, Let’s Get Busy!

Basic Dribbling Drills:

#1. Figure 8:  This drill is really a combo drill, it helps ball handling as well as your dribbling. Dribble the ball as quickly as possible in a figure 8 through and around the legs. Use the fingers when you dribble, and dribble very low and quickly.

Switch from the right to the left and back to the right. Example: start with the right hand dribbling the ball in front and then dribble through your legs with your right hand, switch to your left hand and dribble from the back, around your left side to the front and back through you legs… then switch to your right hand behind the body and around the right side. Try to go as fast as possible, the more you practice, the quicker your dribbling will improve. This is a tip for dribbling that will give you incredible control and confidence.

#2. Bounce and Catch Stationary:  Stand with your your left foot in front and your right foot wide to the back. Now, take the ball and bounce it between your legs. Then push it back the other way. As the ball gets to your left hand shift your feet so that your right leg goes ahead of your left and bounce the ball back between your legs. This shifting of your feet will occur with every bounce.

#3. Between the Legs Walk:  Once you mastered the one above, this one will be fun and easier. You do the same thing, except you walk instead of staying still and shifting your feet.

More Advanced Ball Handling Drills

#4. One hand drills: Keep your head up and take the ball down the court with your dominant hand dribbling. Come back down the court, dribbling with your non-dominant hand.

Remember, keep the ball on the finger pads and keep your head and eyes up at all times. Feel the ball beneath your hand, be aware of it. Stay with it.

#5. Now take two balls, one in each hand and dribble down the court and keep both balls under control.

I told you we had some basketball handling drills. Master these drills, and you can bring the ball up the court with confidence. Click here to become a master of handling drills for basketball.

Once you have indeed mastered these dribbling tricks for basketball. You will then need more advanced basketball dribble drills to enhance your play even more.

Would you like to Control the ball better, Blow by defenders, and Bust ankle-breaking crossovers with deadly speed?

* Improve your dribbling

* Strengthen your fingers

* Move better with the ball

* Dribble and Shoot with fingers only

* Improve weaker hand

* Master dribbling tricks for basketball

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