April 1, 2023

Basketball Instructional Videos

With no doubt, basketball instructional videos are potentially one of the best teaching tools available today.  Until recently, these videos were available to and used by coaches only, but today with the advent of the Internet and subsequent kindred technological advancements, instructional videos for basketball and all other sports is a matter of a simple Google search.

In fact, there are now specific basketball videos for each an every position on the team as well as a myriad of basketball DVDs showing every imaginable basketball dribbling and handling drills as they would look on the court.

Just think, one single tip that you pick up from a basketball video or a book, may indeed may just what you needed to give you that winning edge.  Videos, for example, can easily show the differences between the various levels of player expertise.


Exactly, what are the noticeable distinctions between a good, a great, a champion, or a world-class player?

  • The good player is mediocre and satisfied.
  • The great player is a seeker, a learner, and continues to finds way to improve themselves.
  • The champion the “blue chip”, the elite world-class player uses every possible avenue for improvement. This player is the first on the practice court and the last to leave.

If you aspire to be the very best, you will live with your dreams, you will regularly visualize playing in the final four, you will never quit until you reach the very pinnacle of success.

Above all, you’ll learn how to win. The links in the resource library below are indexed to help you blast your performance into the international levels.

A less expensive route is to get a book instead of a video, so we have included a basketball training book section as well.

Learn moves that will turn the heads of more than just your opponents!  Two dozen moves for all playing positions, 20 offensive principles, and more than 15 drills.  Highlight/Helper video of the CONVERSE Basketball Workout series. Video Length: 45 minutes Converse All Pro Basketball Moves (Moves That Will Turn The Heads Of More Than Just Your Opponents!) – Basketball Training Video

WANT TO GET IN EXTRA PRACTICE TIME WHILE WATCHING T.V.? Twenty-four exercises to improve athleticism and flexibility.  Also dozens of drills for shooting, ball handling, conditioning, and more. A PRIMETIME workout program! Now you can practice while you watch TV! Video Length: 45 minutes Converse Basketball TV Workout – Basketball Training Video

Here Is An Overall Terrific Resource For Basketball

Learn the science of instinctive scoring. Master reading, reacting and controlling the defense. Build a complete scoring arsenal off the catch, off the dribble and even moving without the ball!

  • Ball handling mastery: Develop lightning-quick, ball-on-a-string handles that can take you anywhere you want to go on the court. Beat any-body off the dribble, no matter how quick or athletic you are. Use these unique Hybrid Drills to supercharge your handles now!
  • Prolific shooting: Shooting is the most coveted skill in basketball. Quickly become your team’s go-to shooter, with unlimited range, a lightning quick release, and flawless mechanics from any-where on the court.
  • Vertical Jump Formula: Vertical Jump Formula is a basketball-specific jump training program that not only adds inches to your vertical VERY rapidly, but gives you lightning-fast explosive power on the court as well!
  • Dominate on Defense: Lock down the other team’s best scorer with ease. Guarantee your spot as the #1 defensive stopper on every team you play on using these unique multi-directional defensive quickness drills.

Each one of these products are phenomenal and come with a one year guarantee: Check Them Out Here.



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