December 6, 2021

Basketball Weight Training

basketball weight training, Have you had enough? Is it time to take control of your game?  It is possible to get measurable stronger with cutting edge basketball weight training.

Quit getting hammered because you are not strong enough to keep your opponents off you. You need to be able to go up in any traffic and be confident enough to know you can put the ball in the hole.  This kind of confidence only comes from putting the right kind of time and effort in the weight room.

Don’t just stand there, block them out and for Pete’s sake, don’t play wimpy half man around. Get your opponents attention. GET STRONG.

Like football weight lifting workouts, specific weight lifting for basketball, gets you strong in all the right places.  Ready?

Optimal basketball circuit training rapidly, safely, and efficiently advances athletes to their personal pinnacle of fitness.

  • Keep and open mind.
  • The mountaintop is reached through the correct balance between hard work and recovery.

Use current scientific techniques which have been proven to raise your competitive level by a whopping 21%.

Old-fashioned workouts are no longer the best way to train. Quit wasting hours and energy on unnecessary exercise routines… make every workout count.

Your unique workout should be based on the latest, the best, and the most scientific sports research available today.

Drop out-of-date, fixed ideas, and repetitive strength exercise routines. These methods have been completely superseded due to the modern research.  Use a modern basketball weight lifting program, one that has been scientifically researched to quickly move you to the ranks of the strongest players.

Weight training for basketball is entirely different than football weight training where the idea is to simply build muscle mass.

As coach Bob Knight says, “The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win”.  The fact is, the stronger the player you are, the more aggressive you will be on the court.  Basketball players that are strong rebound more, attack the basket more, and tend to play much tougher on defense.

Additionally, strong basketball players get hurt less and end up staying in the game longer.

We’ve discovered a basketball weight lifting program that will swiftly but safely move you up the ladder to the elite levels of play.


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