April 1, 2023

Basketball Workouts For Point Guards

basketball player dribbling

Point Guard On The Move

If you want to have a good basketball team, you will need to have a fast, quick, smart, athletic point guard and that means skill building basketball workouts for point guards.

Exactly what function does a basketball point guard have on the team?

Function Of Point Guards

  • Point guards are the coach on the floor – Quality basketball workouts for point guards are essential in developing a player into the best point guard they can be.  Specific basketball workouts for guards should be a regular part of every practice session.
  • Team Leader – Of course every position on the court is important, there isn’t room for a player that is just filling up space.  You are only as good as your weakest player.  A point guard isn’t more important, however, a point guard sets the tone, runs the offense, the defense, and is often seen as the leader of the team because of their position on the court.
  • Cool Under Pressure The point guard needs to be able to handle the ball better than any one else, be quick to be able to defend the opposing teams point guard, intelligent to make good decisions with the ball, an excellent shooter to be able to pull the other team out of the paint and loosen it up inside.  Another critical trait a point guard should have is the ability to be cool under pressure.
  • Excellent Ball Handling Skills – Ball handling drills for point guards is something you can never get enough of.  One of the most important moves in basketball is the basketball crossover move.  You must remember when making the crossover move is to keep your head up when you are changing direction with the ball.
  • Dead-On Shooter – Basketball shooting drills for guards is different than shooting drills for post players.  Of course, free throws are the same for all and you can’t practice those enough.  Free throws are a gift and when you miss them, it is totally due to a lack of discipline and concentration.  Every workout for basketball should include ample free throw practice.
  • Exemplary Stealer – Guarding an opposing player man-to-man is tough any time of the game, but you want to know with less than a minute left and your team is down by 1, that when the other point guard brings the ball down the court, you can not only defend him or her, you can and most likely will either steal the ball or take it away. Therefore, agility is imperative to master, and that is why specific point guard workouts for basketball are so crucial.  Enough said, no practice should be complete without a basketball guard workout.

Basketball drills for guards is a little different than for the point guard, because, of course, their job is different than that of a point guard.  So, while similar, basketball guard drills are different than a point guard workout.

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