April 1, 2023

Football Recruiting Sites

Football PlayersHigh school football recruiting sites are extremely popular and make up a huge industry worldwide.

These athletic recruiting services cater to football recruits, their parents, and also to the millions of fans across the country.

Today, recruiting sites for football and basketball and some of the other more popular sports play an important roll in college athletics recruiting.

Recruiting Sites

The Internet through its many college athletic recruiting services provides a quick and easy way for coaches, athletes, and fans to keep track of promising athletes in all sports, but, of course, college recruiting for football is one of the most followed processes monitored via the web.

College sports recruiting websites do different things during the college football recruiting process depending on the kind of services they provide and the money you want to pay.  Some are just reporting sites where the best athletes in the country are tracked. On these college athletics recruiting sites, you can follow the stats and see which schools are showing interest in the promising athletes.

Other college athletic recruiting sites provide a service where any athlete can register and post his picture and recruiting profile for free. These sites boast that thousands of  football recruiters and coaches visit their sites looking to recruit players for their teams.

These registering and reporting type sites claim to be vital in recruiting college athletes during the football recruiting process.  Typically they also offer to make college recruiting videos for a fee.

Still others, advertise that they will take an athlete through the entire college recruiting process from beginning to end. While no absolute guarantees are made that your son will obtain a college athletic scholarship, for a substantial fee (several hundred to even thousands of dollars), they claim that they can obtain a college football scholarship for the high school athlete.

There is some controversy surrounding these types of sites as many young athletes in all sports, after paying the fee, do not obtain athletic scholarships.

Athletic Recruiting Sites

Specifically, what are football recruiting sites and what are some of the different types of services they provide to high school football players? The different athletic recruiting sites service all sports, but football and basketball,because of the money involved, are two of the main sports of interest.

If you want a college football scholarship, is it necessary to use one of the paid college football recruiting services?  Some athletes and their families may be in the financial position to hire athletic recruiting services to handle the entire college recruiting process, but most families of promising football players will not be able to afford them.

Even if you do decide to use one of these paid services, you will still have to do your part like participating in football recruiting camps.

Three Main Types Of College Recruiting Sites

Athletic recruitment today is largely carried on and also observed via the Internet.  The process of recruiting college athletes is much easier and cheaper because these websites provide instant information and instant access to both coaches and prospective football players.

Which type of college athletic recruitment service should you use, or should you use or hire any of them?  Here is a more detailed description of what each type does:

1.  Some just report who is being recruited and what school they are most likely to sign with. These sites include Rivals.com and Scout.com.  They primarily report on the  news-worthy elite football players in the country.

Recruiting websites like these are not only used by high school football players, but they are also frequented by millions of football fans and alumni nationwide who like to keep up with where top college football prospects are considering playing.

2.  Then there are other football recruiting websites that allow you to list your recruiting profile and will also provide a service for creating your highlight recruiting videos.   Of course, there is a charge for the highlight video service, and this is one part of the recruiting process where you may be able to save some money by having either your high school coach or a friend create the video for you.

3.  Lastly, there are others that will help you to be recruited for fees ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  These college football recruiting websites advertise that they will do everything necessary to get you recruited including developing your athletic profile, creating your highlight videos, and marketing you to the college football coaches.

High School Recruiting For Football

Would you like to play college football? How would it feel to get a letter from a college recruiter?

What will it feel like when you make that first college campus visit? Jump ahead to the first practice and, of course, that first real game.

Do you hear the roar of the crowd, or is that the sound of your own loudly beating heart?  Have you ever wondered just what it would take to

What Does It Take To Play College Football?

So, what does it take to have an opportunity to play college football and receive a college football scholarship?

Chances are you won’t automatically be recruited just because you’re a good solid player, no you will most certainly have to have talent, but good solid talented players from every region of the country are regularly being recruited.  What is the secret?

If you are not one of the sought-after, “blue chip” players and you want a college athletic scholarship, then YOU will have to be instrumental in making things happen for yourself.  You will either have to educate yourself about the recruiting process and manage your own recruiting campaign, or you will have to bite the bullet and pay the fee to hire a college football recruiting service.

There is no doubt that a good college recruiting service that delivers as promised can increase your chances of receiving your athletic scholarship.  They have the connections and the expertise to make things happen, but this does not mean that you and your parents cannot accomplish the same thing by running your own recruiting campaign.

If you indeed are interested in high school football recruiting, and you feel you need a hands-on expert, Check out the companies listed below. They offer varying levels of service,and some are in business to handle your total recruiting package.

One of the most important things you can do right now to enhance your recruiting experience is go to find out exactly what are the physical requirements of athletes at the different divisions of college football.

Sure most high school football players dream of playing for NCAA Division I schools under the biggest and brightest lights.  However, this isn’t an option for most athletes.  The good news, is thankfully, there are many other colleges and universities that offer football scholarships and you can still earn a very good college education playing at one of these schools.  Here is a link to the post of schools that offer football scholarships.  If you will go to the link it will tell you the differences between the schools.  Please don’t look only at one division as the only one that you are interested in.  You are doing yourself a big disservice if you do.  Look at each division and see the physical requirements needed to play the position you want to play.  If you are 5’8 and want to play wide receiver at a division 1 school, chances are that won’t happen. There are of course exceptions to every rule, but with that said, you really need to look objectively at these stats.  These stats are taken as averages from the past few years of players who have played at these various levels.  .

Once you see which division that you fit in to, you will then know what direction to aim your recruiting campaign.  This is one of the first things the expensive recruiting companies will do, and this is something you can easily do for yourself.

One thing I will mention, is if you are not a legitimate recruit, please don’t waste your money hoping that by paying one of the recruiting companies a lot of money, you will somehow secure a football scholarship.

The Top Football Recruiting Sites

College Athletic Scholarship offers a month by month membership that shows athletes what that need to do to get a football scholarship.  There is a recruiting module, a financial aid module, an academic/college admissions  module, a sports psychology module as well as updates to anything that is happening in the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA that you need to know about.  How can a financial aid module help you to get a football scholarship?  It can be the reason you get a scholarship when compared to another athlete.  How important is the the academic module?  If you don’t perform well enough in the area, you simply won’t get a scholarship.  You will have to write an essay to get in to college, we give you guidance with that, SAT/ACT, etc..  The cost is $1.00 for the first month (which actually includes 2 months) and then $9.97 for every month after.  You can cancel at any time.

You can do the entire process yourself, however you will need to know what to do.  Getting a football scholarship for most athletes involves the athlete recruiting the coach instead of the coaches banging down the door of possible recruits.  If you go the self-help with some assistance route, here are some companies that provide an excellent service.

Go Big Recruiting a video highlight company is owned by Ross Tucker a former NFL player turned ESPN sportscaster.  He is very knowledgeable and provides a very good highlight video service that also offers the option of having the videos sent directly to coaches.

You will need a list of college coaches, their email addresses, their phone number, etc.  You can access this  list on our site of all college coaches online and get all the contact info you need.

College football recruiting tips….    Is paying the big $$ worth it?  It depends on many things.  The parents who have the money to spend argue, they would rather pay a recruiting site big $$  because they believe paying the high $$$ increases their sons chances of a scholarship and in the end, they will have  a college education mainly paid for by sports participation.  However, other parents, simply cannot afford the high priced services and yet they still yearn for a college athletic scholarship for their son.   So what do you do?  Check out all of the services and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

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