April 1, 2023

Make The Most Of Golf Instructions By Hiring A Pro

golf instructionsIf you want to get a leg up in golf, getting professional golf instructions can make your life much more enjoyable, even if you just want to be an occasional player.

Every sport has its own special appeal, of course, and each of them
attracts players for different reasons. While some people love the
all-action pace of tennis, others prefer the more stop-start fascination of
baseball. Those who play golf, however, do so for a variety of reasons. For
many, it’s the constant battle against the course and against their own
selves, while a significant proportion simply enjoys a walk in the country
on a summer’s morning.

To get the best from the game, however, you can’t just turn up and play
once a week. Eighteen holes of golf can be an extremely frustrating
experience if you’re having a bad round, but if you’re prepared to put in a
little work you can start to get more competitive, more proficient and more
likely to get in the car afterwards with a big smile of contentment on your

The real key to success on the golf course is a simple one – regular
lessons from a qualified professional. Even if you just sign up to one or
two at first just to see what you might be doing wrong it can make a huge
difference. If you think about, the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson
have coaches for every aspect of their game, and effectively have lessons
on virtually every day of the year.

So much to go wrong

Once you take a good look at the golf swing of a pro on TV, especially when
they use the slow-motion camera, you suddenly realise there are so many
things that can go wrong, yet these players rarely make even the slightest
error. That’s because they practice constantly, and they have specialists
who will be able to spot the tiniest sign of any bad habits. And if lessons
are right for the pros, you can be sure they’re right for you, too.

A specialist teacher can show you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and what
should be done to stop it happening again. A 30-minute lesson is often
enough to cure some of the worst habits, so what do you have to lose? If
you think about all the times you’ve shanked a ball into the water, or
stomped around a course in a rage because of one or two terrible shots, you
can soon understand why coaching is such a shrewd investment.

The game of golf can be one of the most relaxing, rewarding and pleasurable
pursuits of all, but for those players who are struggling it can also be
something of an ordeal. By setting aside a little time for lessons you can
perhaps gain 20 yards on those drives, carry those approach shots over the
sand traps and hole more putts from 15 feet away. The decision is up to
you, of course, but if you want to make the most of this wonderful sport,
coaching is surely the way to go.

David Rice is based in the UK and is a keen golfer. During the week, he
helps motorists to find the best car hire Oxford has to offer, but
at the weekend he is found on his local links course.

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