April 1, 2023

High School Football Combines – College Football Recruitment

High School Football Combines, College Football RecruitmentHow important are High School Football Combines to your success in securing an athletic scholarship?

In addition to football camps like Nike football camps and position specific camps like football quarterback camps,  these combines are extremely valuable to both athletes and college coaches in the high school recruiting process.

Combines like college football summer camps are where you are able to show case your skills and abilities, college coaches and scouts attend these scheduled events to look for potential college football recruits. College football recruiters are there to look for their new yearly batch of high school recruits.

So, as you can see, high school recruiting football combines play a very important role in whether you get an athletic scholarship or not. Some athletes and their parents get combines confused with the Nike football camps.  These are two separate programs, however they both do generate a lot of interest from college scouts.

To get the most out of your Football Combines experiences, you should…

1. Make sure that you are in top physical condition. Get a good Football Strength Building System and get religious about using it.  Using a quality football strength training program will ensure that you perform your best at the combines.

2. Be prepared to be tested in the bench press, the 40 yd. dash, and the vertical jump. These three are the bare minimum events.

Many football combines will also test you in the broad jump, in various agility drills, the 20 yd. shuttle and the long shuttle.

You may be required to take drops and throw as a quarterback and catch and run routes as a receiver.  The combines are an essential part of quarterback training.

Linemen may compete in pass-rushing one-on-ones, and linebackers, running backs, receivers and defensive backs may compete in passing one-on-ones.

3. If you are about competing for high school football scholarships and if you want the scouts to notice you, you’ve got to really stand out from all the rest of the high school juniors jockeying for respect and recognition.

This can be difficult since you are given a number and assigned to a group for testing. The scouts are not allowed to make contact with you, but are only allowed to evaluate you from the number you are wearing.

4. Since many football combines are held at colleges, take advantage of the opportunity to scout out the campus and the athletic facilities.

5. Use the college football combines to see how you’re going to stack up against what very likely could be your competition.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do!

High school football prospects don’t have a lot of control over the numbering system or whether the scouts are paying attention when you’re being tested, but you do have absolute control over whether you’re physically prepared to be tested at the high school football combines.

You won’t find a better all-around conditioning, strength building, and agility program than Football Strength System: Get Stronger, Get Faster, Play Harder.  Your recruiting high school football efforts will be helped markedly.

It’s The Very Best Preparation For High School Football Combines on the planet.

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