April 1, 2023

How To Shoot A Basketball

basketball in the basket

Some players think they know how  to shoot a basketball, but in many cases they have failed to learn and apply the fundamentals of how to handle, dribble and shoot the ball.

Basketball Shooting Drills To Advance Your Game

How about one that gives you the confidence to make a shot anytime during the game?

Would you like to hit 8 for 8 two point shots and 5 for 5 three pointers? Imagine that! You would light up the gym, would you not?

So, how does happen? You practice. You practice some more, and then you practice again.

Basketball Shooting Drills

Let’s get started. Mentally, you MUST be thinking every time you shoot that you are in a game situation. Regardless if you are in a pre-game warm-up, formal practice, or a pick-up game.

Free Throws

  • Start with 5 Free throws. Get your routine down, do the same thing each and every time. Think only of making the shot—what is sounds like, looks like, yeah, even smells like..Then make 10 shots in a row. If you get 4 in a row going and the next one bounces off the rim, well–guess what–you start over. When you have completed this, know you are on the road to success.
  • Next, go to 10 free throws. Want more free basketball shooting drills? Here is one.. that will help tremendously, is before you go to bed at night, visually shoot 10 free throws, again, see it, hear it, —Nothing but the NET…

Challenge Yourself

Another Basketball Shooting Drill that is similar to this is to choose spots on the court where you typically shoot. Again, start with 5 shots.. Make 5 in a row–no excuses.. You are simply fine tuning yourself into being a winner.

Additional Drills

Maybe you would like some extra help on jump shots. For a proven terrific program dedicated to learning and Coaching “Pure Basketball Shooting Drills”, go to Tom Nordland’s “Swish” method. Go to Tom Nordland’s “Swish” method Basketball Shooting Drills

It’s a breakthrough approach featuring the latest techniques for shooting and will give you a revolutionary step-by-step method for developing sound fundamentals in your shooting game.

If you practice and practice and visualize until your brain hurts and you aren’t using the right techniques, what are you really accomplishing?

The Swish Method answers the “mystery” of shooting. Learn how to coach yourself to make shots from everywhere.

The Swish videos will show you what and how to practice, how to coach yourself to extraordinary shooting. Practice will make sense and will develop you quickly. You will want to practice.

Shooting, basketball’s most critical skill, is within your reach!

Shooting A Basketball Correctly Is An Art

There is an art to shooting a basketball correctly. You can of course shoot without any kind of hand mechanics and be very inconsistent. If you want to be the go to person and a high scorer, you are going to need to master the fundamentals of shooting a basketball.

The Best Basketball Shooting tips are to know and understand the proper mechanics and techniques of shooting.  I know this sounds very simple but it is very true, if you have the basics down,everything else will fall in to place.  After all, shooting is the most practiced skill in this game.

It is very necessary to spend a lot of time on shooting drills because you cannot score if you cannot shoot, and believe it or not, it is not very difficult to become a good basketball shooter.

Basketball Shooting Tips To Improve Your Game

To make sure that you do not forget these techniques, remember the word BEEF, which stands for Balance, Eye, Elbow, Follow-Through. These techniques will surely help you while shooting the basketball.

If you fail to use these techniques, you could easily develop some bad habits that, at some point of time, will become the cause of your failure. Therefore, you should get into the habit of using these proper shooting techniques while practicing.

  • Always try to keep calm and cool. When you play, all you need to do is relax and concentrate on the basket. Also, focus on the part of the rim that is closest to you while shooting the basketball. Make sure that you focus on the part of the backboard where you will bank the ball while shooting bank shots and lay-ups.
  • Maintain the required balance between shooting too often and not shooting enough. Also, keep a track of your good shots. This will help you to gain confidence.
  • Also, maintain a proper balance while shooting the basketball. Balancing front to back and side to side is of utmost importance during all shots.
  • Ensure that you follow through on every shot that you take. Follow-through is the only one thing that will help you to analyze the reason due to which they made or missed the shot.


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