April 14, 2024

Quality Yet, Cheap Softball Bats

RockeTech FP-9 Softball Bat

RockeTech FP-9 Softball Bat

Are you looking for quality yet, cheap softball  bats?  You’ve found a great source for them here.  Are you tired of being able to purchase only what you can find locally?  Afraid to buy online?  Don’t be, virtually all online merchants offer customer service and a full money back guarantee.

Today, the Web offers you the best all around way to purchase your team equipment from bats to uniforms and everything in between.  First and foremost, outstanding softball batting takes investing in a good bat.

Step out and check out the incredible resources on the internet.  Find outstanding fastpitch softball bats and other gear you have never seen before at prices that will knock your socks off.

Softball and baseball bats at discount prices. Get your game gear online. We use what we recommend. Equipment from Easton, Worth, Muzuno, DeMarini, Anderson & Louisville can be found with the click of your mouse.  Find girls softball bats, discounted softball bats,

When you see these beautiful bats, you won’t be able to help yourself.  So, don’t say, I didn’t tell you so.  To find an excellent selection do a Google search for “softball bats girls”.  The following is just a small sampling of the striking bats that can be found via the Internet:

Anderson 2011 FP Rocketech

The first bat that deserves our attention is the 2011 FP Rocketech.  If you are coaching a FP team, get just one of your players to swing with this bat; the bat speaks for itself.  The 2011 FP Rocketech has the ability to take a struggling player to a confident best hitter on the team.  Among girls fastpitch softball bats, this one is a standout.

After noticing this kind of improvement, it is no wonder that quickly this bat becomes the bat of choice for several of  the other players too.   It is one of the girls softball bats that swings with a slight endload and takes around 100 swings to break in, but after that it is all smooth sailing.  Besides being a little pricy, the one downside to the bat is that everyone tries to borrow it all the time.

Pyrotech Fast Pitch Softball Bat, 2008 Model

Pyrotech Fast Pitch Softball BatShop around, you can find this bat for $129 though it typically retails for $199.  It is made of high tech aluminum alloy with a little weight in the end and is a favorite of many young experienced softball players.  It may be a bit heavy for rank beginners.  It has great balance, great pop, super qrip and it feels good in the hand.  It is an ideal bat for someone that already has a good swing.
One customer says that his daughter was doing okay with an average bat, but began regularly hitting the ball to the fence once she started using the Pyrotech FP 2008 Model.

Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS Mendoza Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS Mendoza Fastpitch Softball BatThis bat sells for between $79 and $99, and it can be used equally well by eight year old girls and adult women.  It has good pop and reviewers state they haven’t had issues with it.  Typically, if you shop around, you can find this bat among the discounted bats.

You will be in championship company when you use this bat, it is swung by Jessica Mendoze, the top hitter on the US National Fastpitch Team.  Features that make it compelling besides price are its composite construction, weight (it is 1 oz lighter than last year’s model), which makes it swing faster giving its user a chance a top performance.  When you give it a swing for the first time, notice the sweet spot and great feel of this Mendoze Signature bat.

A great bat for the price and one that will give you the confidence you need to hit it to the fence.

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