April 1, 2023

Quarterback Tips & Football Quarterback Drills

quarterback tips, quarterback drills, quarterback footwork drills, Looking for some quarterback tips to take you all the way to the elite level?  Great football quarterback training techniques produce quarterbacks who win under pressure.

In addition to attending quarterback camps like the Nike football camps, today’s elite training techniques prepare you for any college football training program including college football strength and conditioning workouts for a high school football combine.

Qualities Of A Star QB

A star quarterback is a dedicated student of the game, has incredible upper body strength, quickness – both mental and physical, and the ability to move in and around the pocket.

For example, imagine that you are the freshman quarterback coming off the bench; your team is 3 points behind in a bowl game. Your team just got possession of the ball. The fans are going wild, you got the last instructions from your coach and you are on your way to the huddle. Everyone is counting on you.

How many times have you practiced the two-minute drill just for a situation like this? You finally reach the huddle, all eyes are on you, your heart is racing, and it is so loud in that stadium you can barely hear yourself.

You think–is this really happening? Can you feel the roar of the crowd as you approach the line of scrimmage? Are you ready…? Your mind will think back, “Have I done what is necessary to win”?  Think back—what have you done to be the best quarterback you can be?

Did you search out the best QB drills and training available, did you give your best at practice, have you made arrangements to participate in Nike football camps 2012?

In short, have you prepared for this moment? Would you like some quality quarterback football drills?

Quarterback Tips For Champions

Start with a simple but daily routine. Do 25 push-ups (with palms flat on the floor), before each meal, when you get up in the morning and an additional 25 before you go to bed. Do this for one month.

For the next 30 days, do the same routine, only change your hand position to finger tips on the floor instead of the palm of your hand.

Next month, up the reps to 30 a time. You will notice a big improvement in your upper body. Of course you want to continue with your regular off-season strength training program as well. Be sure to add the push-up regimen to your current program and also attend as many football quarterback camps as possible.  Check online for football recruiting camps in your area.

Additional Football Quarterback Drills.

Learn to read defenses as much as possible.

How do you this? Watch game films over and over and think picture yourself walking to the line and seeing a specific defense, then mentally, come up with what you should do in that situation.

Watch films and see how quality QBs read and react to blitzes, man to man coverages and zones.  A good list of college football tips would tell you the same thing.

What a double threat you are if you have the ability to throw and run. Here is a great way to increase your speed. Click Here For Quarterback Tips On Speed!

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Champion?

How does an aspiring young football player become a “champion” quarterback?  This video shares 11 innovative drills that focus on building a “championship caliber” quarterback, as well as invaluable lessons and observations to make you a champion quarterback.Football Quarterback DVDs, Videos & Books — Championship Productions, Inc.

Here is a comprehensive collection of 101 game-tested drills designed to improve all facets of quarterback play? The list of aspects covered includes: passing drills, option drills, exchange drills, ball drills, and agility/conditioning drills; all the drills you will need for quarterback training.Football Quarterback DVDs, Videos & Books — Championship Productions, Inc.

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