April 1, 2023

Soccer Scholarships

Soccer scholarshipsDo you dream of soccer scholarships?

Recruiting has become more and more sophisticated and the competition has never been greater for college athletic scholarships.

In fact, some college coaches in some sports are now even recruiting internationally.

If you are not a sought-after “blue chip” player and you want a soccer scholarship, then YOU will have to be instrumental in making things happen for yourself.

This site offers a FREE 90+ page Ebook, How to get an Athletic Scholarship. It is designed to help you develop your personal winning strategy for finding and nailing down your scholarship.

Contacting college coaches to let them know of your interest in their program and provide a profile is one of the most important steps and one of the first steps you complete on the way to soccer scholarship.   Be sure to use our free  college coaches directory  that links to every college and university in the United States.  Simply click on the school and it will take you the athletic department the staff directory.  You will find their name, email, and phone number.

A highlight video is very important to your recruiting success.  Regardless if you have it created by professionals or have someone you know produce it, be sure to check out our how to make a highlight video post for helpful tips to get the college coaches attention.

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