April 1, 2023

Soccer Training Equipment

Soccer Training Equipment is essential to a proper soccer training session. There are certain equipments that a coach must have and there are certain other equipments that each and every player should have. Let s go exploring.

# Equipments For Coach

Well, there is not a very long list of equipments for the coaches, but whatever it is, the coach must have the following ready at the time of the training session.

Perhaps, the most important equipment for a coach is a whistle. A whistle is essential for a coach because it works as an effective mean to get attention from the players. The coach can also use the same to start or stop a particular activity.

If the coach has designed some timing activities in the training session, he must have a stopwatch with him.

Lots of soccer drills and games require the coach to use cones. Therefore, he must have proper number of small cones. Cones are basically used to mark a specific area in the field.

The duties and responsibilities of the coach are vast. He also needs to look after the players. Since soccer involves lots of physical activities and therefore, the coach must have a first-aid kit to cure the minor injuries.

Last, but not the least, the coach must not risk running a training session on his own alone. It is very difficult to manage everything alone and no matter how efficient a coach you are, in order to get effective and productive results from the training session, it is important that you take the help of assistants.

# Equipments For Players

The players must come in their uniform.

If it is outdoor soccer training, they should wear Rubber soccer cleats. On the other hand, if it is indoor soccer training, tennis shoes will do.

Each and every player must come with their own ball. Again, the size of the ball must be in proportion to the specific age of the players. Here, I must add that the coach should also have some spare balls because most often than not some of the players forget to come with their own balls.

The goalkeeper however requires some specialized soccer training equipment, such as brightly colored uniform so that he could easily be recognized, gloves to protect the hands and Elbow and hip pads because they have to dive several times on the ground.

By: Andre Botelho

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