April 1, 2023

Softball Conditioning Drills

onditioning drillsDo you think the well selected softball conditioning drills could help your chances of getting a college softball scholarship?  There is no doubt about it, drills to get you in shape absolutely will help your eventual chances of landing the athletic scholarship of your dreams.

Advantages Of Being In Top Condition

1.  Next to talent, college coaches want players on their teams to have what it takes to discipline themselves to get in the best shape possible.  When scouts and college recruiting staff  see a potential recruit that is out of shape, especially one with talent, many coaches simply say “next”.  There are just too many quality players competing for scholarship spots that have put in the time and effort to mold their bodies into top condition, so college programs don’t have to settle for the ones that aren’t.

2.  Being in tip top shape enables you to perform your best right up to the last second of play.  Have you noticed early in the season, or during a tournament, or when it is really hot that you get tired?  This should tell you that you need to put in more time  getting yourself to that elite level of conditioning.  Instead of standing out from the average players, when you get fatigued, chances are you get sloppy and make mind numbing mistakes.

3.    Players that are in excellent condition get hurt less frequently and are able to play more innings making themselves invaluable to the team and to their coaches.  Think about it, if you stay in great condition, there is a very good chance that yo won’t end up having to have the knee and ankle surgeries so common for basketball, softball, and volleyball players.  It cannot be stressed enough that it is to your lifelong advantage to be responsible enough to stay in shape.

 A Fun Softball Drill To Help Get You In Shape

Drills do not have to be a boring drag.  Find ones like this one that both improve your playing skills and hone your body into the top condition it needs to be in order to shine during the game. Here’s one that easily accomplishes both:

Running Lap Tosses – this drill is a great combo drill that improves your throwing and catching skills while getting your body in great shape at the same time.

Pair off and stand about six feet apart.  Use an underhanded toss and play catch as you run up and down the field or you could do a lap around the field.  This is a terrific little drill which achieves several things at once and it is fun besides.  For more fun workouts, do an Internet search for “drills softball”.  The Web is a great place to find new drills to help keep your practices from becoming boring.

Hit The Fitness Room

Many athletes wait until the season starts to visit the fitness facility.  This equipment is there year round, why not make use of it in season and also during the off season.  Use both the weight equipment and the cardio machines like the bikes, treadmills, and the stair stepping machines.

Learn to used all of the equipment safely so that you do not hurt yourself.  Also complete each exercise using the full range of motion and do not drop the weights.  You should have as much control returning the weights to position as you did moving them out.  A good rule of thumb is to complete each exercise slowly and deliberately.



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