December 6, 2021

Summer Basketball Camps

basketballParticipating in summer basketball camps is one of the best ways to get attention from the college coaches.

Attending a summer basketball camp allows you to evaluate more talent than just the team you are on at your school, it allows you learn and improve on all kinds of skills.

Like college football summer camps, attending summer camps for basketball is truly one of the best things a basketball recruit can do to improve his chances for a college basketball scholarship.  There are basketball camps for girls and, of course, boys basketball camps all across the country.

And, like attending a football summer camp, the recruiting exposure afforded you at a basketball summer camp increases dramatically.  You have scouts there, assistant coaches (both high school and college), college recruiters, etc to look for new and upcoming talent.

Both summer football camps and basketball summer camps are of real benefit to the athlete working toward a college athletic scholarship.

Nike Basketball Camps

Want to develop athletically?  Both boys and girls all over the America can have access to the Nike Basketball camping programs.  The Nike camp experience is designed to help players new to basketball and the more experienced varsity level player.

For basketball recruits, the basketball camp drills offered at the Nike camps can sometimes dramatically increase the performance of any college athletic scholarship aspirant.  If you are lucky, a basketball recruiter could even be present hoping to find a top basketball recruit.

Point Guard College

Point guard college (PGC) is an excellent choice for a no-nonsense intense basketball camp.  Despite the name, the camp is not just for point guards.  These camps are not just basketball shooting camps, but they are for high school and college age male and female athletes who are serious about improving their game.  There are several PGC basketball camp locations throughout the country.

Hoop Group Elite Camp

Another option for those living in the east that you might want to check out the is the Hoop Group Elite camp.  Besides promising to fine-tune your game, to  put you on the national recruiting map, their Elite sessions offer huge exposure to college coaches and scouts.  They claim to be  polishing your game for  prime time.  The Hoop Group Elite camp is one of the best basketball recruiting camps in the country.

NBC Basketball Camps

“As a former camper and coach at NBC Camps, I can’t think of a situation that would be more beneficial for a basketball player than NBC Camp.”
Ryan Carr Head Scout Indiana Pacers

The NBC camps focus on the details of your game and are completely different from other basketball camps in their staff, their leadership training for basketball, attention to skill mastery, the camp atmosphere and the intensity level of the entire camp experience.

Five-Star Basketball Camps

Want more court time from your camp experience?  The Five-Star camps offer more than 25 hours of court time focusing on competition training.  Here you will get substantially more actual court time than other basketball camps of showcases.

The Five-Start Basketball camp program includes fast break competition, playoffs, 6 sets of stations, three-on-three tournament, 3 league games, and lastly their no-dribble or situation tournament.

J Robinson Intensive Basketball Camps

Believing that all great basketball players play with intensity, the staff at J Rob focuses on fusing the body and the mind into a total athlete on the court.  If you are aiming for all-state, all-conference or state champion, this program may be the one for you.  In fact, if you follow the program as required in the camp, it  promises to change your life.

The J Robinson camp experience will push you through barriers that have been hindering your playing performance.

Basketball Camps For Girls

There are many girls basketball camps across the country including: PGC Basketball Camps, Dic Baumgartner’s Shooting Camp, Nancy Lieberman Basketball Camps, Bob Kock’s Point Guary Accademy, and Hoop Mountain New York, and Advantage Academy.

Check out Girls Basketball Camps for a list of camps and 2012 camp dates.


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