May 21, 2024

Highlight Video Tips

video cameraOne of the essential elements to a successful recruiting package is the highlight video, but typically useful highlight video tips are hard to come by.

It doesn’t matter if you are creating football recruiting videos or you are making a volleyball recruiting video, be sure to follow the tips below on how to make a highlight video that gets optimum results.

Most likely, you will not get a football scholarship without creating a quality highlight video as coaches consistently use them in recruiting college athletes.  Every E-book on how to get a football scholarship, will advise a highlight video.  Additionally, football recruiting services will either create a video for you, or require you to have one on hand.  To get recruited for football, you must have a highlight video available and quite possibly you may also be  required to have a full game tape.

Begin With The End Result In Mind

Before you begin, make certain you know what type of footage you want.  Ask yourself, what would a college coach be looking for.  What would make a good impression, what would make you as an athlete stand out?

You want to show yourself dominating and demonstrating a high level of athleticism.  Choose the plays that would make a coach say, “we have to have that player”.

You don’t need special effects or music for your college recruiting videos, you just want to make a good impression and have them like what they see enough to request a full game film.

How To Make A Quality Video:

In most cases, a poor quality video  will be trashed by the coaches. Make it easy for the coaches to watch your video and make every frame count.

 On the first screen, list your name, your team’s uniform color, your jersey number and your position.

   Be sure to highlight where you are on the field/court – use an arrow, draw a circle or square or make a light spotlight around your jersey. The idea is to make it easy for the coaches to identify you in the video.

The video should be 4-8 minutes long.

 This may be your only chance to make a good impression so put your best  first three plays in the video early on right after the first frame or so with your identifying information.

  Use ONLY high quality film. No bad lighting or quality issues at all.

  Do not include different angles of the same amazing play.

 Before making your highlight video, make sure that you have high quality full game highlight films to choose from.

 Put the DVD in a quality package and do not write on it with an ugly black magic marker.  (NOTE: only send via the mail sport highlight videos after they have been requested).  However, you can email the coach a link to the highlight video you have posted to You Tube.

 Make sure all the DVDs work prior to sending them out. Getting a bad video could easily eliminate you from the competition.

 Include your recruiting profile in the package.

 Include your contact information on the DVD including your home phone number, cell phone number, email address, and home address.

 Also put your jersey number, height, weight, bench press, 40 time, squat, vertical jump,  and anything else of major interest that might attract the coaches attention.

Using these highlight video tips will ensure that your video is the best quality and has the best possible chance of being watched by the recruiting coaches.

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