October 19, 2021

How to Get Scholarship for High School Teen

The cost of college increases every year. As a result of this, many college students are graduating from college with a lot of debt. In fact, the average student graduated with $26,500 worth of debt in 2012. The good news is that scholarships can offset the high cost of attending college. Below are some things that college-bound students can do to increase their chances of getting a scholarship:

Start Looking Early

College-bound students do not want to wait until the month before graduation to start applying for a scholarship. As soon as a teen has been accepted into a college, he or she should start applying for scholarships. Teens may also want to consider applying for scholarships before they apply to a college. You will really be surprised to find out the number of scholarships that go unclaimed each year.

There are a number of free scholarships that almost anyone can get. All one has to do is research. It is very important for a person to make sure that he or she takes the time to fill out the application properly. Failing to follow the instructions properly cause the reviewer to deny the application immediately. Furthermore, the application should be proofread for mistakes before it is submitted.

Make Good Grades

This is perhaps one of the simplest things that teens can do to increase their chances of earning a scholarship. In fact, many teens are able to get a full scholarship because of their good grades. For that reason, teens should try their best to earn at least a 3.0 GPA while they are in high school.

Participate In Activities Outside of The Classroom

Athletes can very easily get scholarships. However, people who are not athletes can get scholarships if they participate in activities outside of class. That is why teens should participate in at least one extracurricular activity while they are in high school and put it on their application.

Talk To The High School Guidance Counselor

If a teen is still having trouble finding scholarships, then he or she should see the high school guidance counselor. High school guidance counselors have had a lot of experience in helping teens find scholarships. They have also been to college themselves.

Check To See If The School You Are Attending Offers Scholarships

Many colleges and universities offer scholarships. This could also help a teen who has not quite decided on the school that he or she wants to attend.

College is expensive, but scholarships allow students to attend school without spending a fortune. First and foremost, students need to start looking and applying for scholarships early. They also need to try to keep their grades up and participate in extracurricular activities. Additionally, talking to a guidance counselor and checking to see if the college or university offers a scholarship can be very helpful.

Kaylee Wilson is a proud single mom and a professional writer. She currently contributes at Help Your Teen Now. Help Your Teen Now brings together a vast collection of resources that will help families find their bearings. Click here to learn more about help for troubled teens.