December 6, 2021

Wrestling Scholarships…

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So, What Does It Take?

Exactly what does it take to have an opportunity to participate in college wrestling?

And, probably more to the point, just what does it take to get your hands on one of those prized and very lucrative college athletic scholarships?

First, it does take some talent, but let’s be clear, You do NOT have to be an ‘ELITE’ or ‘BLUE CHIP’ athlete.

Secondly, you must have or develop the ability to get yourself NOTICED by the college scouts, recruiters, and coaches.

Chances are you won’t automatically be recruited just because you’re a good solid player.

There are 360 thousand NCAA student-athletes, but there are millions of athletes vying for athletic scholarships.

The athletes who are smart enough to educate themselves about how to get an athletic scholarship are the ones who end up seeing their dreams come true.

The Number One Key in knowing How To Get A Wrestling Scholarship, is to learn how to become an expert in getting that All-Important Coach Exposure. Without it, it’s sad to say, you’re just dead in the water!

The coaches absolutely must know about you before they can look at you as a possible recruit. You’ve got to be able to get them to give you a good, hard, long and continuous look!

So, How Do I Get The Coaches’Attention?

Getting and keeping the coaches’ attention is really easy when you know how!

Teaching you How To Get A Wrestling Scholarship is what this site is all about.

We’ll show you how to keep the college coaches’ eyes literally drilled in your direction.

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If you are not a sought-after, blue chip player and you want a college athletic scholarship, then YOU WILL HAVE TO BE INSTRUMENTAL in making things happen for yourself.

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Contact Information And List Of Schools

Contacting college coaches to let them know of your interest in their program and provide a profile is one of the most important steps and one of the first steps you will need to complete on the way to obtaining a wrestling scholarship.   Be sure to use our free  college coaches directory  that links to every college and university in the United States.  Simply click on the school and it will take you the athletic department the staff directory.  You will find their name, email, and phone number.

A highlight video is crucial to your recruiting success.  Regardless if you have it created by professionals or have someone you know produce it, be sure to check out our how to make a highlight video post for helpful tips to make the greatest impression on the coach.

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