April 1, 2023

Hockey Conditioning

What is the hottest hockey conditioning program out there?

The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – The most important, most effective exercise and training information you will read all year. Period.

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**the secret exercise that shatters bench press plateaus

**variations of the dead lift that tighten your back and abdomen like a steel corset

**an abdominal exercise that can double and even TRIPLE the tension on your abs

**how you can use over 1000 lbs on a free-weight leg exercise!Imagine the muscle growth you’ll get from an exercise like that!

**bicep exercises that use your entire body weight for maximum muscle stimulation.

**an amazing new calf exercise that works the calves through their ENTIRE anatomical range of motion – it’s truly revolutionary! Hockey DVDs, Videos & Books — Championship Productions, Inc.