December 6, 2021

College Athletic Scholarship

Your worries about winning a prized College Athletic Scholarship while at the same time paying for your college education could end today.

Our motto is:
Why PAY for your education when you can PLAY for it?

Picture yourself getting one of these sought after athletic scholarships. Imagine the incredible feeling you will most certainly have when the top coaches are ringing your phone off the hook, emailing, text messaging, visiting your Facebook and Twitter pages and otherwise hounding you to recruit you into their athletic programs.

Think about the day you sign that letter of intent to play college sports. Your parents and friends will be there. Of course, the press will be there. People will recognize you on the streets of your home town. Yes, you will be nervous, but you will be so excited that you won’t even notice.

Think about it, offers for college athletic scholarships are coming from several different coaches all at the same time.  All those practices and sacrifices you and your parents made to get you to this moment won’t even matter.

What an incredible time this is, just sit back and absorb the feelings of excitement for a few minutes.

Can you imagine being on campus at college when other students and the faculty are singling you out as one of the school’s most highly recruited athletes? How will it feel to be issued your first practice gear? Pretty cool, huh? What about having the first team meeting? What about moving into the team dorm experiencing team meals, team trips?

Listen to the roar of the crowds at the nationally televised NCAA sports tournaments. If this is your dream, we will show you how to make it a REALITY.  Athletic scholarships for college whether they are NCAA or NAIA athletic scholarships are not always that easy to get, but with the right information, it is easier than you may think.

You won’t have to pay exorbitant fees and hope that someone will recruit you. We will show you exactly how to get yourself recruited.  We will show you how to get athletic scholarships without forking over exorbitant fees.

Using the athletic scholarship information found right here on our site, your life can be more exciting than it has ever been. But, there is a downside to all this excitement, you will have to keep all the coaches and recruiters straight in your mind, learn which coach is from which school and then you’ll have to learn about the school programs and all about each school’s campus life. Somehow, I don’t think you will mind that too much, do you?

The key is to put yourself in the coaches’ spotlight. You will learn how to recruit the coach!

As a Bonus for signing up for our FREE Step By Step Blueprint we will also regularly send you our E-zine, “Get Recruited”, which brings you all the up to the minute recruiting news. It features the latest training tips and break through techniques for getting you recruited and, of course, alerts you to recruiting rule changes.

How do I know this sports recruiting information works? I personally used the powerful information on this site and had my choice of several full-ride athletic scholarships.

Top coaches from all over the country were competing to have me play for their programs. I’m certainly not the only student athlete to use this information.

Thousands of high school athletes all across the U.S. have used this same how to get an athletic scholarship information to put themselves in the awesome position of winning their sport scholarship.

This site is unique and revolutionary in that contains all the information you will ever need to get yourself recruited. Many sports recruiting services charge hundreds even thousands for this kind of information. Most student athletes just don’t have that kind of money, but by using information on this  site, you can learn step-by-step how to keep the coaches’ attention focused on you.

You’ll be instructed every step of the way from your freshman year to the spring of your senior year on how to keep the almighty spotlight on you. And, you’ll be kept instantly aware of any breaking changes in recruiting rules and techniques.

gives you step-by-step instructions, a concrete plan of action that anyone can easily follow.

Following is just a short sampling of the insider information you will learn about on this site:

***How to get College Recruiters banging on YOUR door.

***Insider tips that let you know that you are being recruited versus you just thinking or hoping you might be.

***Why many coaches do not have the time or resources to do top-rate recruiting.

***Coaches must know about you to recruit you.

***You must Recruit the coaches—How to put your face in their searchlight.

***You must intend to be recruited—it doesn’t usually “just happen”, but it is easy when you follow our proven plan.

***What you can do academically to give you an advantage for an athletic scholarship.

***Behavior and behavior problems play a huge role in recruiting.

***What things you must do throughout the entire year not just during the playing season.

***When you need to improve in some areas, we recommend cutting edge products that will maximize your talents both mentally and physically.

***Many NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA Athletic Scholarships go unclaimed every year for lack of applicants.

***Thousands are available every year and one could have your name on it.

***A blueprint for your sports resume and video, but if you would rather have professionals do those jobs for you, we can recommend the best.

***Critical guidelines for your conduct from the first recruiting contact, through the recruiting visit and to the actual Signing Day.

We give you all the tools you will need to get yourself offers for scholarships. Get the advantage of knowing what comes next in the recruiting process now.

Remember, the coaches must be aware of your talent: they must keep you in mind for their programs. We will show you how to keep yourself embedded in their brains. There’s no way they will forget you when recruiting season rolls around. You can make all your dreams of playing college athletics come true. The thrill of signing day could be just ahead.

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