April 1, 2023

Softball Scholarships

Many high school athletes would like to know more about softball scholarships especially if they are in their Junior or Senior year.

Have you given any thought to playing college softball?  Maybe you have you dreamed about extending your high school career to that next level?  How would it feel to get a letter from a college recruiter or coach? Imagine for a minute yourself on campus when you go to make the first official school visit?

The real truth is, if you are a talented in softball now, there could actually be a college athletic scholarship or more precisely a softball scholarship waiting for you somewhere at one of the NCAA Division I, or II levels.  Or, you may fit in better at an NAIA school or did you know that many JUCO schools offer scholarships too?

With that in mind, jump ahead to the first time you practice with your new team, and of course from there you can see yourself taking the field for that first game. Can you hear the roar of the crowd, or could that be your own heart that is beating so loudly?

What Does It Take To Play College Level Softball?

NCAA Scholarships For Girls SoftballNaturally, there are several different factors, but the if you have or can do the following, you will have  good chance of landing a college softball scholarship for yourself.

Your athletic talent can really lead to an opportunity to not only play the sport your love at the next level, but it can also give you the chance to win a scholarship that will pay for part or even all of your college expenses.

Many student/athletes just like you have been able to realize their dreams of getting a college education by landing one of these very lucrative scholarships for softball.

Requirements To Play Softball in College

  • Obviously, it does take talent, but that does not mean that you have to be one of the few blue chip or elite softball players in the country to land a scholarship and either get part or all of your college paid for.
  • Next, it takes the ability to get yourself noticed by the college recruiters and coaches That may seem like a big mystery now, but there are specific ways that you can learn to get yourself in the limelight.
  • Then, it takes having the smarts to learn how the recruiting process works for softball.  Of course, there are several recruiting sites that provide a service for a fee to help get you recruited, and some of them claim that they can get you a scholarship, but in reality, you and your parents can run your own recruiting campaign without the need to pay one of these services.

At first, the idea or managing your own recruiting process may seem daunting, but when it is broken down into sequential steps, almost anyone can become a pro.

Chances are you won’t automatically be recruited just because you’re a good solid player. There are 360 thousand NCAA student-athletes, but there are millions of athletes vying for college athletic scholarships.

Average, above average, elite or blue chip athletes all have one thing in common, they are looking for college softball  scholarships.

Recruiting has become more and more sophisticated and the competition has never been greater. In fact, some college coaches in some sports are now even recruiting internationally.

If you are not a sought-after “blue chip” player and you want an athletic scholarship, then YOU will have to be instrumental in making things happen for yourself.

The 90 page E-book, How To Get An Athletic Scholarship, which is given away free on this site, leads you through the various steps necessary to achieving the sports scholarship you may be dreaming about.

Today, recruiting is a fast paced process.  The Internet and social media sites have made finding and contacting players an almost instantaneous process.  Both coaches and athletes use the Web for carrying out the series of steps necessary in the game of recruiting.

It is important that you get and use a proven plan such as the one outlined in our free E-book.  You cannot just sit and hope for the college softball coaches to find you.  You and your parents will have to be the ones to make sure that you show us on their recruiting radar.