January 27, 2022

Write For Us

Write For Us

Things you need to know

Are you interested in writing for us?

You are at this page, probably because you are interested in writing for us.  This page will give you all the information that you will require in order to write for us.

Carefully read the guidelines and the posting requirements before you send  us your first article also called a post.  In case you have any questions you can write to us.

College Athletic Scholarship is a successful blog oriented towards helping and guiding student athletes and their parents not only obtain athletic scholarships but other types of scholarships as well.

How to Contribute?

This is the process involved –

  • Send us a few details about yourself using our contact form.
  • Below the details about yourself, write your article.
  • Submit your contact form containing both your details and article.
  • We will review your article and if accepted, it will be published.

Guidelines for Posting

We ensure that we maintain the quality of our posts and would expect all of our contributing authors to do the same.  Your articles/posts should follow the following guideline.

  • Post should be a minimum of 400 words.
  • Posts should follow the pattern of an essay, ie. it should be broken down into paragraphs with proper punctuation.
  • Only English posts are accepted.
  • Limit the number of links in your posts to only two.
  • All posts submitted to College Athletic Scholarship should be original works and should be unique. These posts will only be seen and used at College Athletic Scholarship.com.

Your articles might require editing, which will be done by us before we approve a it for publishing. We might make changes wherever necessary which could mean that we might delete parts that are not acceptable, or even add content to your posts.

In case your articles are rejected you are free to use them elsewhere.

Why should you write for us?

This is an opportunity for you to spotlight yourself in the national arena of college sports scholarships.  It is just one more way to show college coaches and scouts of your interest in obtain a college athletic scholarship.

Writing for us is a perfect way for you to express your views on the current NCAA regulations for your sport, the current college sports recruiting process, or on how sports and the prospect of playing your sport at the collegiate level has impacted your life.

We appreciate the time and effort you took to write the post for us. As a token of appreciation we will include a snapshot of your profile along with a link to your main website or blog or social networking site just before the post.  For example, your main page can be your Facebook page.