April 14, 2024

Wrist Roller

The Wrist Roller exercise strengthens your wrists and forearms which are crucial for any sport.

If you are swing a bat for baseball or softball you want to have strong wrists. There is a distinct difference of power when you have complete control of a bat because you have the strength to control it.

When throwing a football, carrying a football, catching a football, etc… having  strong wrists is a must.  If you have ever had the ball stripped, or you have dropped because of weak wrists, you know what I am talking about.

When participating in basketball, follow through is critical for proper shooting fundamentals.  When shooting you are typically in traffic.  Having a strong wrist in this instance or for dribbling is essential for success.

So what do you do? Simple, master the wrist roller.  You can make one yourself with a dowel rod, rope and a weight.  Of you can buy one ready made..your choice

You can also check out this wonderful resource for developing wrist strength…guaranteed or your money back.