September 28, 2023

Drill Lacrosse

Are you looking for the best drill lacrosse?

We recommend the following: This video features Sue Stimmel, The Ohio State University Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach. To excel in any sport, one must start with the foundations of the sport. In this video, Coach Stimmel, who also excelled as a collegiate player, demonstrates the essential fundamentals necessary to have a competent degree of skills to allow enjoyment and propel you toward becoming a complete lacrosse player. Excellent for beginning-level coaches, players, PE instructors, or anyone looking for a refresher course in the basic skills of the sport. Stimmel uses male and female demonstrators to demonstrate stick basics including: how and where to hold the stick, catching fundamentals, passing fundamentals, checking fundamentals, cradling fundamentals, and wall drills that can be done anywhere to gain confidence in the basic skill areas. 28 minutes. 2001 Developing Essential Lacrosse Skills (Video)

This video features Kim Simons, Georgetown University Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Runner-up to the National Championship in 2001 and 2002! Intense lacrosse instruction by one of the game’s former star players and now star coaches! Take your game to the next level in the excellent video featuring skill instruction that is perfect for all coaches and any player to watch to learn the secrets of making the advanced skills second nature! Advanced stick skills, shooting techniques, passing and catching, grip, and moves are all detailed. Simons was a decorated player at Princeton, and in the past eight years has taken the Hoyas to the same level she competed at as a player. Her instruction is comprehensive, authentic, and very insightful. This video will help you or your team take your skills to the next level! 43 minutes. 2002.Advanced Level Lacrosse Skills Made Easy (Video)

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