February 4, 2023

Athletic Programs in College: Get Recruited!

Most children start engaging in sports as a hobby, a means to pass the time. However, a very gifted few would stay on even after the summer sports clinic is over and even seriously train for years, with the ultimate goal of getting into a collegiate team to make a name for themselves. The process is long, the training arduous. However, all the hard work would be worth it once an athlete catches the eye of a recruiter. Here are a few ways to stand out against a sea of hopeful athletes.

Register with the NCAA

Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center is perhaps the most overlooked matter among collegiate athletics hopefuls. Indeed, there are those who missed their chance of playing in the collegiate division just because they failed to put their name down on the roster of the NCAA Eligibility Center. The reason for this requirement is because the association needs to verify not just the identity, but also the experience or career of a collegiate athlete. The NCAA wants to know that each participating athlete has not had any professional experience.

Becoming a member of the NCAA is a simple procedure with very few requirements – a social security number and a $50 registration payment.
Prepare a List of Schools

Every student has their dream schools in mind, and every athlete has a dream team to join. An aspiring collegiate athlete should draw a list of the schools they would like to be a part of, making sure that the list not only contains the “top-notch” schools that everyone wants to attend, but also those schools in which they can realistically get into. Finally, a short list of fall back schools is also needed, just in case the first two lists had not been quite successful.

Get to Know the Schools

Once a list of schools has been drawn, it is time to do a little homework. One must learn as much as he or she can about the school and its policies regarding athletic teams and even scholarships. It is not a hard job to do, as almost all ┬ácollege teams have a site which provides further information about their team and their programs. It is important to know who the relevant people are – coaches, recruiters, managers – and how to reach them. It is always good to reach out and make contact first, indicating one’s interest in joining their team and sending a showcase video, with the ultimate goal of getting an appointment or booked for a try-out.

Showcase Best Races and Plays on Video

Coaches and recruiters are very busy people who, aside from doing their work of coaching their teams and sourcing athletes with the best potential, meet with hundreds of amateur athletes (and even their parents) aspiring to make it into their collegiate team. It is therefore prudent to make specific efforts to stand out from the crowd and be remembered in order to catch the interest of recruiters. One way of doing this is by putting one’s best foot forward – putting together video clips of one’s best races or highlight plays, making sure that the video clips are of clear, high quality. Furthermore, the overall presentation of the video must be professional-looking. Simplicity is key. There is no need for too much special effects and horrifying fonts. What matters most is that the athlete’s abilities are showcase well on the video.

Getting the attention and interest of a recruiter or a coach is only the first step, but it is the most the most crucial step that can make or break an aspiring athlete. After all, there are thousands of athletes across the nation and only a handful of coaches and recruiters. Putting one’s best food forward, learning about the schools and their policies and having a lot of patience in touching base and communicating with recruiters are among the important things to do to get into one’s college team of choice.

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