December 9, 2023

Baseball Scholarships – College Baseball Scholarships

Baseball ScholarshipsThere are thousands who dream of baseball scholarships.

What separates those who receive baseball scholarships from those who don’t receive one? Where could receiving one lead?

Imagine this…

***The date is October 18th.

***The time is 8:45 P.M.

***The scene is Atlanta, GA

***Game 7 of the World Series.

***The situation is the bottom of the 9th inning with your team up 5-4.

***The bases are loaded with 2 out after your pitcher struck out the last batter swinging.

***You are just getting down into your fielding position in center field when a screaming line drive is hit towards the right-center gap. You get a great jump on the ball and are running top speed within 7 steps. You can now see that the right fielder got a horrible jump and has no way of catching up to the ball.

***The game, the series, the year, it all comes down to you. You re-adjust your angle and pick the ball up again. It is headed towards the warning track fast, but you are gaining on it now.

You take one last step and dive horizontally towards the track with your glove hand extended.

***As your face hits the dirt you feel the ball land perfectly in the web of your glove. You get up, wipe the blood off your chin, and only then do you realize that the play you just made, won the game.

***There is no feeling in the world like this: The dead silence of the road crowd combined with the jubilation of your teammates.

Doesn’t this sound great? How would you like to have this opportunity? It all begins right now.

Baseball Scholarships – What Does Recruiting Involve?

Recruiting has become more and more sophisticated and the competition has never been greater. In fact, some college coaches in some sports are now even recruiting internationally for college athletic scholarships.

If you are not a sought-after “blue chip” player and you want an baseball scholarship, then YOU will have to be instrumental in making things happen for yourself. Put everything you have into your high school baseball training, this includes helping yourself to be recruited to play college baseball.

This site offers a FREE 90+ page Ebook, How to get an Athletic Scholarship

It is designed to help you develop your personal winning strategy for finding and nailing down your scholarship.

Contacting college coaches to let them know of your interest in their program and provide a profile is not only one of the most important steps, it  is one of the first steps you must take on the way to baseball scholarship.   Be sure to use our free  college coaches directory  that links to every college and university in the United States.  Simply click on the school and it will take you the athletic department the staff directory.  You will find their name, email, and phone number.

A highlight video is another crucial  component of securing a baseball scholarship.  Regardless if you have it created by professionals or have someone you know produce it, be sure to check out our how to make a highlight video post for helpful tips to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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