December 9, 2023

College Admissions Tips

College Admissions Tips? Why do I need those? If I am a good enough athlete, I will get in anywhere that I want to go. KABAM–don’t think like that—that won’t get you anywhere.

The one thing student athletes have in common with every other student on campus is they have to gain admission. Right?  Most of you will not be aspiring to ivy league football, but regardless of where you play, you will have to gain entry into the school.

So, here we go. One of the biggest college admissions tips regardless of whether you are looking at Division 1 or 2 or even Ivy league football is to plan for enough time to complete the applications and write the essays. Set aside several days, even a couple of weeks for this very important task.

Get the job finished early. Give yourself time to research each school. Also, allow plenty of time to hire a professional if you think you might need one. Some of the resources below provide a one-on-one service and are structured to give you the best advice based on your unique set of circumstances.

Think about all the different aspects of the school. How big is it? How far away from home is it? Will you fit in there? Will you live in a dorm, if so, what are they like? Is it a party school or geared more toward academics? A great resource for information like this is College Confidential.

Remember, you will be spending the next 4 years there. Competition for acceptance has never been more competitive. Completing your applications can be a time consuming, perplexing, and sometimes a very stressful job.

Fortunately, there’s an entire industry existing and waiting to assist you with all kinds of college admissions tips. Make the process an easy one, check out the useful links below: Did you know you must make certain scores on the SAT or ACT to enter college? Did you know if you score high enough on your SAT or ACT you can get scholarships to pay for your education? Why not give yourself every chance to get the highest score possible?

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While there is no such thing as Ivy league football scholarships, because these schools are hugely endowed, if your grades and scores are high enough, you could be admitted and still play football.


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