February 4, 2023

Field Hockey Training Program

A good field hockey training program consists of numerous components. One of the most important is cardiovascular conditioning.

This video is absolutely incredible if you need a field hockey training program!!! With instruction from Tim McClellan and demonstration from Kim McGee, this video takes you through more than 50 drills for conditioning athletes on stadium bleachers! McClellan incorporates speed, power, and agility with specific drill progressions using sprinting, plyometrics, strength, and lateral movement.

The video is organized into four parts;

Part 1: Utilizes the small steps of the stadium in a walk, march, jog, and sprint progression followed by a sprint mechanics progression and then a plyometrics progression.

Part 2: Turns up the intensity by moving the Part 1 sequence from the small steps to the bleacher seats! McClellan also adds the challenges of eccentric movements down the bleachers along with a challenging plyometric sequence!

Part 3: Advanced Drills! A series of advanced-level workouts utilizing selected exercises that focus on explosiveness, strength building, and conditioning.

Part 4: A collection of 18 of Tim’s favorite exercises that can be accomplished utilizing a single bleacher – perfect for stadium/gymnasium bleachers. All 18 of these are appropriate for athletes at any skill level and in any sport desiring a challenging conditioning workout! Innovation, intensity, and creativity abound in this fantastic video!  The Ultimate Stadium Workout for Speed, Power, and Agility – General — Championship Productions, Inc.


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