December 9, 2023

Get Recruited and Play Sports in College

Want to Get Recruited? Do you dream of playing college sports while at the same time getting a college education? Read this book and get busy Living that dream.

If you want to know what YOU can do to get recruited. Below is our FREE Ebook, “How To Get An Athletic Scholarship”, chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: How To Get An Athletic Scholarship

Chapter 2: Assess Yourself

Chapter 3: The Recruiting Process

Chapter 4: Recruiting The Coach

Chapter 5: Full Ride Scholarship or Partial

Chapter 6: Gameplan and Timeline

Chapter 7: Phone Calls, E-mails, Letters, Videos

Chapter 8: Panic Time For Seniors

Chapter 9: NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA

Chapter 10: Recruiting Rules & Regulations

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