May 31, 2023

GET RECRUITED – College Sports Recruiting Ezine

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“GET RECRUITED” is filled with insider tips, techniques and strategies that will put you in control of your recruiting marketing program. Learning how to market yourself is the number one key to being recruited.

Exposure to college coaches is absolutely critical. Subscribe today and discover the many exciting and innovative ways (that really work) to approach recruiting coaches.

If you think that blue chip or elite athletes are the only ones winning full ride scholarships, you couldn’t be more wrong.

If you’re an above average, good solid student athlete, you stand an excellent chance of grabbing one of these lucrative and coveted scholarships for yourself.

It’s a little known fact that 20% of all scholarships go unclaimed. Why? The recruiting coaches must know you exist. That’s all part of learning to market yourself, and it’s all covered in “How To Get A College Athletic Scholarship”.

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