October 19, 2021

Scholarship Players vs Walk On Football Players

football playerWould you consider taking the path of walk on football players?  Of course, every high school athlete wants to get his hands on one of the prestigious full ride football scholarship that is a given.

But, if you don’t get a scholarship to the school you targeted, would you consider being a walk on football player with hopes of eventually playing for the school you wanted?

Walk On Vs Scholarship Player

There is a significant difference between the two that potential recruits should know about and there is also a great deal of difference between the preferred walk on and the walk on.

Obviously, the better route for any high school athlete would be to land a full ride scholarship.  The scholarship typically covers all living and and school expenses including tuition and room and board and books.

And now with the new NCAA rule allowing multiyear scholarships, this is and important goal to achieve, but sometimes when you have you placed all your hopes and dreams on playing for a certain college, you may have to consider the walk on situation.  As a word of warning, though, having what is call “Division I eyes” can backfire on you.

Before you consider trying for a walk on spot, examine with your family what your goals really are.  Do you want to play football for a certain school or do you want to get your college education paid for?

Preferred Walk On Vs Walk On

The preferred walk on deal is the better situation for you as a football player.  Here’s how it works.

When a coach says that they want to offer you a preferred walk on spot, he is telling you that he will eventually have a spot for you on the roster when school starts in the fall.

You will be on the team during the first year and you’ll be able to participate in practice.  As a Freshman preferred walk on, you’ll be practicing but not traveling with the team.

Keep in mind that you do enter the program with nothing promised, but there is the clear indication that if you get on the field and produce for the program, you have the potential to earn a scholarship the next year.

The scholarship does not always materialize, however, and if you have a sure fire scholarship offer at a smaller school or even a different school some distance from where you live, you might be better off taking it than hoping that you’ll eventually get one at the larger school of your dreams or at a Division I program anywhere.

If you are considering taking a preferred walk on spot at a school, one important thing that you must try to receive is a “guaranteed” roster spot.

Basically, the walk on’s situation is a lot more precarious, he has to tryout to become a preferred walk on.  To put this in perspective for you, at some schools, there are literally hundreds of athletes trying out for a spot on the team’s roster.

So, the preferred walk on is one giant step ahead of the walk on, however, in both cases, the monetary benefit of the athletic scholarship is something that won’t be there.  You and your parents will have to foot the bill for your college expenses until you land the athletic scholarship.

If your family is not in the position to do this, then please do consider the smaller schools where you can get the full ride.  As you life unfolds, it will be far better to obtain your college education that to get stuck on playing football for a certain school.



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